2017 Winners
Pro Team Competition
Grand Champion:                 Midnight Burn
Reserve Grand Champion    Creekside Smokers NC

1st  Midnight Burn
2nd Creekside Smokers NC
3rd Wood N Pig Smokers
4th Southern Q
5th Rusty's Flying Pig BBQ
6th Smoke This
7th Rocky Top Barbeque
8th Killer BBQ
9th Thew Algood Bar-B-Q Pit Crew
10th Hickory Barbeque Company

Pork Ribs
1st Rocky Top Barbeque
2nd Brother-In-Law BBQ
3rd Swine Dining
4th Creekside Smokers NC
5th Quenut BBQ
6th Hot Wachulas
7th Hickory Barbeque Company
8th The Blue Bloods
9th Midnight Burn
10th Crow Creek BBQ


1st Rocky Top Barbeque
2nd The Blue Bloods
3rd Swig-N-Pig
4th Creekside Smokers NC
5th Smoke This
6th Jarvis Brothers BBQ
7th Angry Jack BBQ
8th Iron Pig BBQ
9th Swine Dining
10th The Sauce & All That Goes With It

1st Brother-In-Law BBQ
2nd Midnight Burn
3rd The Blue Bloods
4th Hickory Barbeque Company
5th Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers
6th Hoggy Bottom Boys
7th Lang BBQ Smokers
8th Hot Wachulas
9th The Algood Bar-B-Q Pit Crew
10th Nard's Backyard BBQ

Backyard Competition
Grand Champion:   Doctor Cue NC
Reserve Grand Champion:   Too Sauced To Pork

Chicken - Backyard
1st Brick House BBQ
2nd Too Sauced to Pork
3rd Doctor Cue NC
4th Bonafide BbQ 
5th Team Swag BBQ

Pork Ribs - Backyard
1st Doctor Cue NC
2nd 3 Guys and a Bottle
3rd Team Swag BBQ
4th Highway 28 North Cookers
5th Bonafide BbQ


Pork - Backyard
1st  Too Sauced to Pork
2nd Backyard Porkers
3rd  Team Swag BBQ
4th  Brick House BBQ
5th  Highway 28 North Cookers


Ancillary Competition

1st Circle B BBQ
2nd Old Smokey BBQ Crew
3rd Pork-N-Bones
4th Too Sauced To Pork
5th Midnight Burn
6th Mike Hallman
7th Killer BBQ
8th Weekend Warriors
9th Backyard Porkers
10th Stella & Crew

Anything But
1st Iron Pig BBQ
2nd Bonafide BBQ
3rd Weekend Warriors
4th Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers
5th Highway 28 Cookers
6th Too Sauced to Pork
7th Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
8th Midnight Burn

1st Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers
2nd Iron Pig BBQ
3rd Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
4th Creekside Smokers NC
5th Midnight Burn
6th Killer BBQ
7th Sprat Boy Barbeque
8th Bonafide BBQ
9th Hoggy Bottom Boys
10th  Too Sauced To Pork


Tastin' Tent Winner (People's Choice) Cup # 16  Jarvis Bros. BBQ 

2016 Winners 

Pro Team Competition    
Grand Champion                      Hickory Prime
Reserve Grand Champion       Midnight Burn

1st                 Hickory Prime
2nd                Templar Temptations 
3rd                 Smoke This
4th                 Jarvis Bros. BBQ
5th                 Way 2  Que
6th                 Paradise Que
7th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
8th                 Smoking Butt Heads
9th                 Quenut BBQ
10th               270 Smokers

Pork Ribs
 1st                Rocky Top Barbeque
2nd                Big Show Cookin' Team
3rd                 Quenut BBQ
4th                 270 Smokers
5th                 Smokin Butt Heads
6th                 Templar Temptations
7th                 EB's Bar-B-Que
8th                 Sweet Smoke Q
9th                 Way 2 Que
10th               Midnight Burn


1st                Midnight Burn
2nd               Quenut BBQ
3rd                Swig-N-Pig
4th                Big Show Cookin' Team
5th                Hickory Prime
6th                Sweet Smoke Q
7th                Way 2 Que
8th                K-Town Daddy's BBQ
9th                Pickin' Porkers
10th              Chairman of the Boar 

1st                 270 Smokers
2nd                Creekside Smokers NC
3rd                 Pickin' Porkers
4th                 K-Town Daddy's BBQ
5th                 Jack's Old South
6th                 Midnight Burn
7th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
8th                 Hickory Prime
9th                 Swig-N-Pig
10th               Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers


Backyard Competition

Grand Champion                    Sunnyside Smoke
Reserve Grand Champion     The Smokin' Hot Reps

Chicken - Backyard
1st                Sunnyside Smoke
2nd               Bonafide BBQ
3rd               The Smokin Hot Reps
4th                Backyard Porkers 
5th                South Bowie Smoke

Pork Ribs - Backyard

1st                 The Smokin Hot Reps
2nd                Sunnyside Smoke
3rd                 Team Swag BBQ
4th                 Fatso's Competition BBQ
5th                 Too Sauced to Pork


Pork - Backyard
1st                 Sunnyside Smoke
2nd                Team Swag BBQ
3rd                 Fatso's Competition BBQ
4th                 South Bowie Smoke
5th                 Backyard Porkers

Ancillary Competition

1st                 Sunnyside Smoke
2nd                Hot Wachulas
3rd                 Sweet Smoke Q
4th                 Mike Hallman
5th                 Bar-B-Q 101
6th                 The Smokin Hot Reps
7th                 Backyard Porkers
8th                 Doesn't Play Well With Others
9th                 Boobies BBQ
10th               Fifthwheel BBQ

Anything But
1st                 Sweet Smoke Q
2nd                Midnight Burn
3rd                 Too Sauced to Pork
4th                 Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers
5th                 Highway 28 Cookers
6th                 The Smokin Hot Reps
7th                 Boobies BBQ
8th                 Paradise Que
9th                 Fifthwheel BBQ
10th               Bonafide BBQ

1st                 The Smokin' Hot Reps
2nd                Paradise Que
3rd                 Dirty Ol' Butt Slappers
4th                 Boobies BBQ
5th                 Sprat Boy Baregque
6th                 Midnight Burn
7th                 Sweet Smoke Q
8th                 Fifthwheel BBQ
9th                 Doesn't Play Well With Others


Tastin' Tent Winner (People's Choice)               Cup # 14                  Bar-B-Q 101

2015 Winners

Pro Team Competition    
Grand Champion                      Pickin Porkers
Reserve Grand Champion       Swamp Boys

1st                 Wood N Pig Smokers
2nd                Swamp Boys  
3rd                 Atlanta BBQ Store
4th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
5th                 Bar-B-Q 101
6th                 Smoking Butt Heads
7th                 Swine & Shine BBQ
8th                 Midnight Burn
9th                 Hickory Prime
10th               Sauced! BBQ

Pork Ribs
 1st                 Big Show Cookin Team
2nd                Pickin Porkers
3rd                 Swamp Boys
4th                 Swine & Shine BBQ
5th                 Smoke This
6th                 Pig on Fire
7th                 Two Old Men and a Grill
8th                 Atlanta BBQ Store
9th                 Harlan Co. Coal Burners
10th               Sauced! BBQ


1st                Sauced1 BBQ
2nd               Rocky Top Barbeque
3rd               Chairman of the Boar
4th                Hot Wachula's
5th                Big Daddy Q
6th                Jarvis Brothers BBQ 
7th               Way 2 Que
8th               Smoking Butt Heads
9th               Who Cares BBQ
10th             Rollin' Smoke Competition


1st                 Pickin Porkers
2nd                Quenut BBQ
3rd                 Two Old Men and a Grill
4th                 Hot Wachula's
5th                 Jarvis Brothers BBQ
6th                 Myron Mixon Smokers
7th                 Butts "R" Us
8th                 Chairman of the Boar
9th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
10th               Swig-N-Pig


Backyard Competition

Grand Champion                    Pork N' Butts
Reserve Grand Champion     Swine Dining

Chicken - Backyard
1st                 K-Town Daddy's BBQ
2nd               Pork N' Butts
3rd                5th Wheel BBQ
4th                Bobbies BBQ
5th                Three Little Pigs

Pork Ribs - Backyard"
1st                 Swine Dining
2nd                Pork N' Butts
3rd                 Backyard Porkers
4th                 Screaming Eagle
5th                 BBB BBQ

Pork - Backyard
1st                 Brother In Law BBQ Team
2nd                Pork N' Butts
3rd                 K-Town Daddy's BBQ
4th                 Swine Dining
5th                 Billygoat BBQ

1st                 Backyard Porkers
2nd                Who Cares BBQ
3rd                 Smoke in the Mountains
4th                 Screaming Eagle
5th                 Nard's Backyard BBQ
6th                 Boobies BBQ
7th                 K-Town Daddy's BBQ
8th                 Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
9th                 Swig-N-Pig
10th               Big Show Cookin Team

Anything But
1st                 Swamp Boys
2nd                Too Sauced to Pork
3rd                 Wood-Hoss
4th                 Big how Cookin Team
5th                 BillyGoat BBQ
6th                 Fattom Backyard BBQ
7th                 Backwood BBQ Shack
8th                 Butts "R" Us
9th                 Pig on Fire
10th               Boobies BBQ

1st                 Chairman of the Boar
2nd                Midnight Burn
3rd                 Sauced! BBQ
4th                 Butts "R" Us

5th                 Wood-Hoss
6th                 Boobies BBQ
7th                 5th Wheel BBQ
8th                 Swine Dining
9th                 Harlan Co. Coal Burners
10th               BillyGoat BBQ

2014 Winners
Pro Team Competition    
Grand Champion                      Jack's Old South
Reserve Grand Champion       Smoke This

1st                 Who Cares BBQ
2nd                Two Old Men and a Grill    
3rd                 Sauced! BBQ
4th                 Checkered Pig
5th                 Wood N Pig Smokers
6th                 Jiggy Piggy
7th                 Templar Temptations
8th                 Smoke in the Mountains
9th                 Smoke This
10th               Killer B's BBQ

Pork Ribs
 1st                 Pickin' Porkers
2nd                Jacks Old South
3rd                 Sauced! BBQ
4th                 Smoke This
5th                 Hambones by the Fire
6th                 Big on the Pig
7th                 The Smokehouse Bandits
8th                 Redneck Scientific
9th                 Who Cares BBQ
10th               Rocky Top Barbeque


1st                The Smokehouse Mafia
2nd               Jacks Old South
3rd               Swamp Boys 
4th                Smoke This
5th                Who Cares BBQ
6th                Big on the Pig 
7th               Hambones by the Fire
8th               Contagious Q
9th               Smoking Butt Heads
10th             Jiggy Piggy


1st                 Hambones by the Fire
2nd                Rocky Top Barbeque
3rd                 Bald Hawg BBQ
4th                 Jacks Old South
5th                 Killer B's BBQ
6th                 Smoke This
7th                 Quenut BBQ
8th                 Midnight Burn
9th                 The Smokehouse Mafia
10th               Jiggy Piggy


Backyard Competition

Grand Champion                    Three Little Pigs BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion      Screaming Eagles

Chicken - Backyard
1st                 Pork'N Butts
2nd               Team Swag BBQ
3rd                Screaming Eagle
4th                Backyard Porkers
5th                Zombie Q 

Pork Ribs - Backyard"
1st                 Backyard Porkers
2nd                Boobies BBQ
3rd                Three Little Pigs BBQ
4th                 Screaming Eagle
5th                 Zombie Q

Pork - Backyard
1st                 Three Little Pigs BBQ
2nd                Screaming Eagle
3rd                 Boobies BBQ
4th                 Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
5th                 Pork-N Butts

1st                 Fatso's Competition BBQ Team
2nd                Barks Got Bite
3rd                 Sauced!  BBQ
4th                 Skinny Rick's BBQ
5th                 Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
6th                 Boobies BBQ
7th                 Swamp Boys
8th                 Checkered Pig
9th                 Backyard Porkers
10th               Our Dogs Like It

Anything But
1st                 Redneck Scientific
2nd                North GA Grillers
3rd                 Nibble Me This
4th                 Ole Smokey BBQ Crew
5th                 Barks' Got Bite
6th                 Notorious Pig
7th                 Screaming Eagle
8th                 Boobies BBQ
9th                 Our Dogs Like It
10th               Bonafide BBQ

1st                 Pork'N Butts
2nd                Sauced!  BBQ
3rd                 Tenacious Q
4th                 Our Dogs Like It

5th                 Swamp Boys
6th                 Big Boys BBQ
7th                 Redneck Scientific
8th                 Boobies BBQ
9th                 Old Smokey BBQ Crew
10th               North GA Grillers


2013 Winners
Pro Team Competition    
Grand Champion                     Swamp Boys BBQ Team
Reserve Grand Champion       Smoke in the Mountains

1st                 Two Old Men and a Grill
2nd                Swamp Boys BBQ Team    
3rd                 Tenacious Q
4th                 Waylon's Wickedly Good Q
5th                 Smoke in the Mountains
6th                 Wood-N-Pig Smokers
7th                 Was It Good Fork Que?
8th                 Smokin' Ours To Kick Yours
9th                 The Blue Bloods
10th               Fire-N-Smoke


Pork Ribs
1st                 The Smoke House Bandits
2nd                Midnight Burn
3rd                 Swamp Boys BBQ Team
4th                 Two Old Men and a Grill
5th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
6th                 Sauced! BBQ
7th                 The Blue Bloods
8th                 Killer B's BBQ
9th                 Bald Hawg BBQ
10th               Can 2 BBQ


1st                Smoke in the Mountains
2nd               Big on the Pig
3rd               Smoke This 
4th                Swamp Boys BBQ Team
5th                Bubba & Son BBQ
6th               Sauced! BBQ 
7th               Tenacious Q
8th               Jiggy Piggy
9th               Smoking Buttheads
10th             Cooper's Station BBQ Company


1st                 Jack's Old South
2nd                Redneck Scientific
3rd                Swamp Boys BBQ Team 
4th                 Bub-Ba-Q
5th                 Up In Smoke
6th                Waylon's Wickedly Good Q
7th                 Sauced!  BBQ
8th                 Rocky Top Barbeque
9th                 Smoke This
10th               Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"


Backyard Competition
Grand Champion                     Fatso's BBQ Comp Team
Reserve Grand Champion        Swineholio


Chicken - Backyard
1st                 Boobies BBQ
2nd                Swineholio
3rd                Fatso's BBQ


Pork Ribs - Backyard
1st                 Fatso's BBQ
2nd                Swineholio
3rd                 Hickory Stump BBQ


Pork - Backyard
1st                 Backyard Porkers
2nd                Screaming Eagle
3rd                 Grady O's


1st                 Nard's Backyard BBQ
2nd                Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
3rd                 Mike Hallman
4th                 Cooper's Station BBQ Company
5th                 Screaming Eagle
6th                 Pit Boss BbQ
7th                 Boobies BBQ
8th                 Big Bad Wolf BBQ
9th                 Fatso's BBQ
10th               Hickory Stump BBQ

Anything But
1st                 Boobies BBQ
2nd                Smokin' R/T
3rd                Tenacious Q
4th                 Wood-Hoss
5th                 Smokin' Ours to Kick Yours
6th                 Sauceman's
7th                 Notorious Pig
8th                 Cooper's Station BBQ Company
9th                 Can 2 BBQ

1st                 Tenacious Q
2nd                Bubba & Son BBQ
3rd                 Swamp Boys BBQ Team
4th                 Grady O's

5th                 Pit Boss BBQ
6th                 Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
7th                 Smokin Aces Harrah's
8th                 Sauced! BBQ
9th                 Can 2 BBQ
10th               Boobies BBQ


2012 Winners

Pro Team Competition
Grand Champion     Jiggy Piggy
Reserve Grand Champion     Bub-Ba-Q

1st     Rocky Top Barbecue
2nd    The Blue Bloods
3rd     Miss Piggy's
4th     Bub-Ba-Q
5th     The Smokehouse Mafia
6th     Wild Bunch Butt Burners
7th     Pickin' Porkers
8th     Jiggy Piggy
9th     Swamp Boys
10th   Pack-A-Smokes

Pork Ribs
1st     Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
2nd     Swamp Boys
3rd     Blitzkreig BBQ
4th     The Smokehouse Mafia
5th     County Line Que
6th     Serial Griller
7th     Midnight Burn
8th     Pigs N Heat
9th     Jiggy Piggy
10th   Bald Hawg BBQ

1st     Bub-Ba-Q
2nd    Serial Griller
3rd     Killer B's BBQ
4th     Big Bad Wolf BBQ
5th     Jiggy Piggy
6th     Pack-A-Smokes
7th     The Smokehouse Mafia
8th     Blitzkreig BBQ
9th     Bald Hawg BBQ
10th   Q-Drivers

1st     Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
2nd    Webo's BBQ
3rd     Nard's Backyard BBQ
4th     Pickin' Porkers
5th     Midnight Burn
6th     Bub-Ba-Q
7th     Top Tier BBQ
8th     Jiggy Piggy
9th     Rocky Toop Barbecue
10th   Two Old Men and a Grill

Backyard Competition
Grand Champion     Backyard Porkers
Reserve Grand Champion     Fatso's BBQ

Chicken - Backyard
1st     Fatso's BBQ
2nd    Backyard Porkers
3rd    Three Little Bigs Barbecue

Pork Ribs - Backyard
1st     Backyard Porkers
2nd    Three Little Pigs Barbecue
3rd     Big Buttz BBQ

Pork - Backyard
1st     Fatso's BBQ
2nd    North Georgia Grillers
3rd     Screaming Eagle

1st     Wild Bunch Butt Burners
2nd    North Georgia Grillers
3rd     Our Dogs Like It! BBQ
4th     Hart's Creekside Smokers
5th     Mike Hallman
6th     Killer B's BBQ
7th     Backyard Porkers
8th     Nard's Backyard BBQ
9th     Screaming Eagle
10th   Serial Griller

Anything But
1st     Berry Patch BBQ
2nd    Our Dogs Like It! BBQ
3rd     The Blue Bloods
4th     Sauced! BBQ
5th     Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
6th     Notorious P.I.G.
7th     Hart's Creekside Smokers
8th     Screaming Eagle
9th     Swamp Boys
10th   North Georgia Grillers

1st     Sauced! BBQ
2nd    North Georgia Grillers
3rd     Boobies BBQ
4th     Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
5th     The Blue Bloods
6th     Swamp Boys
7th     St. Louis Pit-Que
8th     Serial Griller
9th     Our Dogs Like It! BBQ
10th   Pigs N Heat