ards & Categories

Pro Team Awards for Competitions
Grand Champion                                        $2,000 plus Award
Reserve Grand Champion                           $1,000 plus Award 


4 Pro Team Categories Awarded - Chicken, Pork, Pork Ribs & Beef Brisket           
First Place                                                 $500 plus Award
Second Place                                             $400 plus Award
Third Place                                                $300 plus Award
Fourth Place                                              $250 plus Award
Fifth Place                                                 $200 plus Award
Sixth Place                                                $150 plus Award
Seventh Place                                            $125 plus Award
Eighth Place                                              $100 plus Award
Ninth Place                                               $  75 plus Award
Tenth Place                                              $  50 plus Award

Backyard Awards for Competitions
1st place Overall                                        $300 plus Award
2nd place Overall                                       $200 plus Award

3 Backyard Team Categories Awarded - Chicken, Pork and Pork Ribs
First Place                                                  $200 plus Award
Second Place                                             $100 plus Award
Third Place                                                $  50 plus Award 

Pro & Backyard Optional Saturday Category
Franklin's Finest (Tastin' Tent)                     Award

Pro & Backyard Optional Friday Contests
(These are judged Friday evening and are not included in calculations for Grand Champion)           
“Dessert”                                                $150
“Anything Butt”                                      $150
“Sauce”                                                   $150